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R implementation. What we are doing

SAS® has been the de facto software language for reporting clinical trial data for many years and historically GEM has specialised in providing SAS programming consultancy and expertise.

However, in recent years there has been a growing industry trend to explore the use of open-source software such as R, to provide greater flexibility and choice of data analytics tools.

Several large Pharma companies are now routinely reporting studies in R and some have submitted data prepared entirely using R to regulatory agencies. Packages created in R specifically for the Pharma industry such as {admiral}, {xportr}, {Tplyr} mean there are now greater options for reporting clinical trial data.

In June 2021, GEM set out a vision to be recognised externally as highly skilled Data Analysts with the capability and technical skills to work seamlessly using either SAS or R, and to align GEM alongside future shifts in industry trends. To realise this vision, the GEM Leadership Team appointed Sophie Shapcott as the R Implementation Lead.

Sophie joined GEM with a strong background and expertise in R and has worked tirelessly to develop in-house processes, deliver formal R technical training and provide day to day support to the GEM Programming team.

“I think the open-source principles of knowledge sharing through transparency, participation, and collaboration is the way forward.”

In addition, Sophie has also contributed to the Admiral package, a collaborative effort providing an open-source, modularized toolbox for the R community, and she was recently invited to join the Core Admiral Development Team.

We believe that GEM Programming is now strategically positioned to offer our clients a greater choice of data analytics tools that will better suit their specific requirements and facilitate the transformation of raw patient data into scientifically meaningful information and knowledge.

Two years on, we have delivered several projects in-house using R. Read through our case studies to find out more about what GEM can offer to your clinical project.

Click here to see our PHUSE poster outlining the technical differences to consider when visualising data with SAS and with R.

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