Sophie presenting at PhUSE EU Connect 2022

10th Oct 2022 | GEM Programming

At the PHUSE conference in Belfast this year, Sophie Shapcott, along with Thomas Neitmann delivered an informative presentation with a twist!

In the style of a television podcast, entitled Pharm R’Clock News, Sophie discussed with Thomas her experiences contributing to {admiral}. Alongside this, they discuss the impact of this transition to open-source on you, as an individual, and the many benefits it can bring.

In case you missed it, a recording can be found in the PHUSE Archive (

Sophie became a permanent member of the team in October 2021 and was promoted in the summer of 2022. Prior to this, she completed an intensive training course in SAS with additional open-source learnings on the side.

Sophie has worked on several projects in differing therapy areas, as well as completed CDISC and GCP training.

Outside of work, Sophie enjoys playing the flute and going for long walks (bonus if they end at a cafe!).

Sophie has an Integrated Masters in Maths, Operational Research and Statistics from Cardiff University, which is where her enthusiasm for coding and open-source became apparent.